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Top Fuel For Life

Life Lessons from a Crew Chief

Top Fuel for Life is a true story of victory, unimaginable loss and the epiphany that changed everything.

NHRA Top Fuel Crew Chief Jim Oberhofer leads one of the most talked about drag racing teams in the country. Known for championship wins, raucous mosh pit celebrations and, of course, the team’s legendary chieftain, Connie the “Bounty Hunter” Kalitta, Oberhofer tells it straight-up: his personal struggles, the love he rediscovered, and the epiphany that guided him out of darkness. In a culture that champions success, winning, youth, fame and fortune, Oberhofer plants his flag for something greater in the wake of his wife, Tammy O, being diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic cancer.

Oberhofer’s true story about sin and sacrifice amidst the showy world of Top Fuel explores the elusive path to happiness. He urges readers not to wait for grief, loss or heartache to live a happy life. With his down to earth, belly-up-to-the-bar writing style that nicks the skin, he reminds us that choices define who we are and regret is rarely left to chance. Mournful of his mistakes, humorous in his storytelling, and always brutally honest, Top Fuel for Life is one man’s story that reveals the truth about the most important race of all, the race of life.

Praise for Top Fuel for Life

Jim O announces The Tammy O Foundation

The Tammy O Foundation is a donor-advised fund that donates funds raised from the purchases of Jim O’s book, Top Fuel for Life. The charity sends funds to organizations that were very close to Tammy O’s heart, including BRAKES, Pandas International, Racers for Christ, DRAW and Infinite Hero Foundation.